Red Hands by Christopher Golden

When a contamination descends on the community of Jericho Falls, an infiltration of mysterious coalitions appear not only to quarantine the town but to capture the cause of a potential epidemic. Maive Sinclair finds herself and her family the center of an investigation of unusual proportions known as Project: Red Hands.
Christopher Golden focuses his creative intellect towards a living infection that drives the mind to madness, instills a merciless desire within and refuses to accept consequences to horrifying actions. The novels fine line whereby reality and fiction straddle is only a filtration mask and a hazmat suite away from the real world. For these reasons Red Hands adorns an all too familiar global face of bio-engineered bacteria, leaving the population and its victims desperate for answers and explanations. Having the backdrop to the story take place on a scenic mountainside terrain truly brings forth the savagery of escape and survival for the consumed and infected. With the race to obtain “the claim” and unlock ancient mysteries, Christopher Golden creates a haunting hunting ground where voices can be heard yearning for life, and lusting for death.
The structure of cliffhanger chapters, subtle momentum of storyline development and relentless unguarded suspenseful shocks make this book a five star home run that you won’t be able to put down. The underlying messages significantly correlating to the mortality of love, comfort and simple joys is an enjoyable theme and life lesson. Red Hands is published by St. Martin’s Press and is available in all formats.
Five Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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