Weed by Joseph D’Lacey

A large estate housing Lady Fortescue, her two sons and the properties hired help, face an incursion worthy of a horticulturist worst nightmare. The wealthy manor encompassed by sex, power and domination is now infested with a parasitic vegetation. The only thing standing between life and death for the occupants is a terrifying undergrowth of the botanical kind.
Joseph D’Lacey breathes life into a rare species of plant life akin to the Venus Flytrap and other forms of greenery. This horrific botanical enhancement merits revulsion and dread not only for the individuals in this book, but for the reader as well. Building the plot around a house of hidden motives and desires while an ever growing menace endures and thrives are key elements to the success of this disturbing novel. With its lewd, crude and rude no holds barred approach, Weed stands on its own rootlet fictional foundation. A living pipework of infestation waiting for a human host from which to develop…think of The Ruins meets The Thing, and you have one heck of a creepy novel.
Not very many novels have grabbed me the way this edgy eco-horror novel did. Joseph D’Lacey has easily made this a top read of 2021. Be aware when reading Weed, not to fear those hair thin green capillaries beneath your skin slowly stirring. I’m sure they are only goosebumps. A five star must read recommendation from the Horror Bookworm.
Five Horror Bookworm Rating. A must read.

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