Bludgeon Tools edited by K Trap Jones

An innocent 74 year old widow is bound and determined to make her life long disturbing fantasy come true. An online class is provided to those that desire a profession in the business of utilizing unique tools to their fullest extent. A friendship of inanimate tools are put to the test that would equal Pixar’s worst nightmare.
K Trap Jones, founder of The Evil Cookie Publishing, gathers an unbelievable talent of extreme fiction authors for his latest venture into the splatter genre. Bludgeon Tools is a book of bizarre love affairs for tools and their many morbid uses. It includes a lineup of Brian Keene, Wrath James White, Christine Morgan and many more “heavy hitters”. From Kristopher Triana’s canvas of creative carnage to Wile E. Young’s ritualistic offerings of harvest implements…and finally ending on Matt Shaw’s disturbing interpretation of letting your conscious be your guide. This extensive toolbox of the macabre is a who’s who of talented splatterpunk authors.
Bludgeon Tool’s motto,”I can’t be broken, blunted or bent!” becomes the storyline linking flesh and horrific cudgel tools for each individual story. Neither grey-matter, blood or skull fragments can stop the aforementioned obtrusive assault on the reader’s intellect. With that being said the highly regarded packaging of this book is absolutely superior. From the beautiful cover art, the best publishing company logo I’ve ever seen and the attractive author pages located towards the back of the book. It’s all quite an impressive layout. Five Star Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
A Five Horror Bookworm Rating !

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