End Of The Road by Brian Keene

Author Brian Keene writes a memoir based around a nine month book signing tour he began in 2016 called Brian Keene The Farewell But Not Really Tour. From West Coast to East Coast, his diaries capture a fascinating insight into all aspects of the book business, visiting life long friends and recollecting a road trip that was so unusual it could not have been made up even if tried.
Written with an amusing narrative, humorous wit and often a heavy heart. Keene reminisces and shares his encounters with the other side of touring, the healing process of losing close friends as well as the highs and lows of a cross country promotion of his two books Pressure and The Complex. Views on independent book stores and the conglomerate commercialization of nation wide chains are painfully true insights. Rolling through town after town, the reader is allowed to tag along as Keene establishes his loyal fan base, gains new supporters and revives any readers he might have lost touch with. The full onslaught of the journey had many highlights including a reuniting of the late great Richard Laymon, a stealth mission to set things right for departed author J.F. Gonzalez and of course The Flintstones debacle. From standing room only events to small attendances to cancellations, everything is covered in this Cemetery Dance publication.
Personal input: My wife and I crossed paths several times with Keene during this period he wrote about. All were wonderful experiences. We renewed our vows at a convention called KillerCon. Wrath James White performed the ceremony, Brian Keene offered to walk my wife down the aisle while Edward Lee was my best man. What I’m trying to get at is Brian Keene will go beyond the usual handshake, selfie and signature. This book attests to his absolute dedication to his fans and the genre. Grab a copy, you won’t regret it.
A great nonfiction 5 Horror Bookworm recommendation

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