Cruel Summer by Wesley Southard

A mother and her 12 year old son arrange a deep sea fishing excursion as a bonding experience and a new beginning on life. However when the mother’s abusive boyfriend tags along, the warm sounds of a gentle ocean breeze quickly turn into warnings of a living breathing aquatic nightmare.

Cruel Summer by Wesley Southard acquaints the reader with both a loathsome villain with a inexcusable derogatory personality and a protective strong willed Mother who’s secret will soon change lives forever. The first portion of Cruel Summer flows like a chilling Hitchcockian crime novel. Receiving the best of both worlds, it then morphs into a inexplicable seawater Lovecraftian nightmare. The darkness he weaves around the central characters is an oceanic vessel fueled by an ageless evil. Having the reader understand and care for the characters is a special achievement in the art of writing fiction. So much that the reader’s heart will hammer along with the suspenseful storyline. Not for the gore and not for the shock value, there’s a rhyme and reason for the terror that takes place within these foamy seawater soaked pages.
These things are certain: The murky ocean depths possess powers to give life as well as take it away. Heroes, minions and gods of the ocean floor hold a vast history of theological enigmas. Wesley Southard’s intriguing approach to writing becomes a proficient work of fiction for each and every book. Cruel Summer is no exception. Another strong Horror Bookworm recommendation for Wesley Southard.
Five Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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