Mage Of The Hellmouth by John Wayne Comunale

Jake and his friend Max are employees at Fam-Mark ice cream company. Known to diligently partake in the fruits that cannabis has to offer, the two friends live a relatively simple life. However when the facility the two stoners work at closes down, a transfer of select employees are chosen to relocate across town. This begins an extremely bizarre chain of events that will change lives forever.

The Satanic backward masking controversy, the Devil worshipping Smurf conspiracy and the encouragement of satanism by virtue of Dungeons & Dragons are all part of the historic “Satanic Panic”. John Wayne Comunale celebrates his own satanic panic by setting the mood and tempo with an extremely unusual storyline that’s as unpredictable as the author himself. Hounds of Hades, Demon offsprings, Sorcerers and more reside within the covers of this visionary D&D campaign gone wrong. Adding his own ingredients of reality and the dark arts, Comunale makes his own blend of horrific flavored ice cream specifically for this work of fiction.
What is your reading pleasure? Is it edgy humor surrounding storylines? Is it the creepy discomforting factor that inhabits the pages? Maybe it’s a fantasy creature feature roaming the chapters. Could it be sexual images one can deposit into a spank-bank for later use? John Wayne Comunale makes sure there is something for everyone when it comes to entering Mage Of The Hellmouth. So gather your gang of role-playing pals and join the family. Whether it’s packing ice cream in The Box or defending The Gates Of Hell…you too can have a bright future with Fam-Mark.
4 Horror Bookworm Recommendation ✌🏻

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