The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz

Welcome to The Sunrise Bed & Breakfast. A quaint small scale guesthouse located within a wooded scenic area located off the beaten path. With no where else to turn from an abusive relationship, Kenzie and her two young children Lilly and Tim take shelter at The Sunrise via invitation from her grandmother. Thinking they have finally found solace, the close knit family soon discovers a hidden unnatural darkness that dwells within the walls of the establishment.

The Rotting Within by Matt Kurtz is a story of a mother’s love for her children and to what lengths she is willing to go for their protection. Kurtz is a master at creating a false sense of security for the reader, then initiates hair-raising foreshadows that’s equivalent to a rumbling of distant thunder. The creepiness factor is off the charts in this novel. Not since Josh Malerman have I witnessed the beauty of descriptive authorship. It takes true talent to narrate what you may or may not have seen lurking in candlelit shadows. Fear of isolation, ghastly images along with the creeks and groans of an age old property all become factors in choosing a desperate option to fight or flight.
This novel undoubtedly made a major impression on me. From a parents worse nightmare to a unbelievably terrifying unearthing, The Rotting Within is a haven for the disturbed. This is one that will remain with you for a time to come. Definitely one of the top novels of 2021. A strong Horror Bookworm recommendation.
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A Five Star Recommendation

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