The Vault Of Horror Audio Book by The Vault Keeper

A victim of betrayal takes retribution towards his assailants in the form of a ghoulish resurrection. A search party is formed to uncover the truth of a previous team that has gone missing, their findings are monstrous. A gruesome scheme has been derived to solve the shortage problem of human cadavers for an educational classroom.
These grisly pulp stories and many more make up The Vault Of Horror Audio Book. The vile vintage tales pulled from The Vault follow the blueprint of the classic E.C. Comics of the 1950’s. In the tradition of classic radio theatre, professional character acting and amazing foliage effects, the reader is placed directly within each horror and crime story. E.C.’s mascot, The Vault Keeper, is a delightful addition as host to these morsels of morbid horror. He provides introductions, witty commentary and sarcastic wisdom that only a fictional ghoul could concoct. As an audience we have experienced comic books, motion pictures, books and television series based on these wonderful stories of yesteryear. It’s pleasant to see yet another form of media represented. These edgy well written narrations keep classic radio and theatre of the mind alive and well for all to enjoy.
Not only did these comics cause a big impact on my life, but I know they inspired many authors in the horror community that have gone on to successful careers, and will no doubt influence many generations to come. So when the clock strikes midnight, grab your best pair of headphones, curl up in the safety of your comfy bed and enjoy these scares that care. Pleasant Screams…heh, heh, heh…
5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation!!!!!

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