The Gulp by Alan Baxter

Welcome to Gulpepper, population 8,000, a quaint little harbor town located miles away from nothing. Surrounded by ocean cliffs as well as only one road leading in and out, this natural bay locale is an isolated village that lies in wait. Locals like to call it “The Gulp” for short, for the reason that it tends to swallow people up, never to be let go again. For, you see, The Gulp is just…different.
A mother’s unusual relationship with her two children once again proves there is no other love like maternal love. A burglary goes horribly wrong as the thief enters a surrealistic place of residence. A fisherman’s catch of the day brings forth a new meaning to the phrase,”a fish out of water”. These stories and more await the reader’s visit to The Gulp.
Author Alan Baxter gives a freaky tour of the town Gulpepper, where it is rumored the dead out number the living. His eerie concepts and creepy style of writing result in an uneasy fearful sensation that meanders within each story searching for the readers vulnerabilities. Hearing far away thunder, oceanic waves and distant screams, Baxter is a master at foreshadowing unimaginable experiences. These occurrences will begin an unyielding panic gripped momentum that will have a high probability of not ending well.
Come visit the oceanside town of Gulpepper. Attractions such as The Ocean Blue Motel, The Historic Museum and the nearby Monkton Tavern await your presence. Embrace The Gulp, and at all costs try to avoid the naturally growing fungus. This book comes with a strong recommendation that urges the reader to explore their vacation destination.
A 4/5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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