The Blade Between by Sam J Miller

Welcome to Hudson. Because this little town is infected with depression, prejudice, and a declining economy, Ronan makes a life-changing decision to leave his hometown to pursue greener pastures. But after twenty years away, Ronan is summoned back for a return visit.

His father’s butcher shop is in jeopardy by means of a real estate development project called Pequod Arms Project. Actively seeking ownership, the corporate powers undertake a sinister scheme fueled by hate, skullduggery, and deceit. Not only are people losing their houses due to an aggressive acquisition, they’re also losing their minds. The war over Hudson’s future has begun.

The Blade Between is set in a waterfront harbor town where whale blubber was once the engine of its rich historical industry. However, as the economic uprising eventually collapses, an introduction to a society inflamed by vulgarity, bloodshed, and destruction begins. Using these destitute motives as leverage, central characters seek out the needs and weaknesses of those easily manipulated. A terminal facade between the new and the old consistently feed a storm of altercations that bring about lingering consequences. Laws will be broken, lives will be taken, and manipulation will rule the town of Hudson with an iron fist.

Author Sam J. Miller weaves a disturbing tale of how fears and insecurities can be preyed upon to the point of escalated violence. He brilliantly orchestrates this transformation by utilizing schemes of co-conspirators and precarious shenanigans attaining new levels of deception. Tapping into a dark abyss of manipulation, Miller takes several approaches towards his tense plots. In return, this builds a momentum that reaches a surreal crescendo infested with gods, ghosts, and monsters.
Readers, consider the actions you choose to undertake. The repercussions could result in maybe discovering a dead stinky rat cleverly hidden in your car or mailbox. A run-in with whale-headed marauders armed with harpoons may also very well occur. Although a supernatural fiction, The Blade Between addresses morality and its potential life lessons. The author mixes horror, compassion, and straight-up psychotic behavior into a gratifying reading experience. A strong recommendation for this imaginative ghost story, that’s also so much more. (originally posted at
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A 4 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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