My Heart Is A Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones

Proofrock is a solitary lakeside town that high school student Jade calls home. When a rich development construction company called Terra Nova starts building a gated community across from Indian Lake, strange activities straight out of a horror movie begin happening. However Jade’s infatuation with the Golden Age of slasher films promptly turns into reality as her knowledge of these cinematic classics become her weapon for survival.

Stephen Graham Jones pays homage to those great slasher films of yesteryear in his novel My Heart Is A Chainsaw. From the abandoned cabins of Camp Blood to those dauntless Final Girls, the author exploits his own brand of horror through the lens of a killer on the loose. Tropes such as red herrings, pesky out-of-towners and the last woman alive to confront the killer are all cleverly utilized in original fashion. With respect to iconic legends parallel to Halloween, Friday the 13th and Psycho, Jones cleaves his own path of carnage leaving a wake that doesn’t discriminate against victims. True horror aficionados will enjoy this jog down motion picture memory lane while feasting on this disturbing work of fiction served on a hot poker. This slashland of a book packs enough jump scares, body counts and unconventional weaponry to satisfy every gorehound enthusiast this side of Elm Street.
I suggest readers sign up for Professor Stephen Graham Jone’s class lecture on Slashers 101. Students will need to provide their own signature weapon. A machete, kitchen knife or maybe an old leather glove created with fishing knives will do. Just pray he doesn’t assign homework. I loved this novel and so will you. It has already made my Top Novels Of 2021 list. A very strong Horror Bookworm recommendation.
A very strong Horror Bookworm recommendation

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