Goblin by Josh Malerman

A man believes he has found his soulmate, now a morbid requirement has been implemented to prove the peculiar legendary love. A unique magician travels from town to town mesmerizing audiences with his irregular supernatural abilities. A little girl enters a maze of manicured hedges determined to solve the mystery it withholds. These as well as many more secrets & mysteries await, as the gated entrance of a strange city slowly creeks open for an invitation to explore. Welcome to the town of Goblin.

Author Josh Malerman compiles six eerie novellas centered around the fictional community of Goblin. James A. Moore kicks off the book providing a bit of background information along with acquainting the reader with the locale of Goblin all beautifully included in the foreword. An added treat that complements each story effectively are the illustrations by Glenn Chadbourne. These set the mood for an unnaturally fun filled time.

Malerman begins his distorted tour by introducing the reader to ghostly visions, midnight wooded shadows and haunting legendary myths. The interlaced stories become one entity, as a uniquely bizarre presence flows smoothly from one occurrence to another. Clever wit is randomly placed throughout, achieving those little needed breaks now and then from the core of uncanny fiction. However, it’s the spooky heebie-jeebie moments which is the actual staple of this book.
From the gorgeous cover art to the incredible content, I was totally enamored by the creepiness of this book. Home of the endangered Great Owl, the infamous Hedge Maze Attraction and of course the beautiful North Woods. Goblin has something “special” for everyone.
4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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