The Night Stockers by Kristopher Triana & Ryan Harding

Two competitive grocery stores, Freshway and Devils’s Food, vie for commitment and excellence in customer service. Freshway: a known business of the community prides itself as a stable pillar of success. Devil’s Food: a newly established supermarket that services the Dark Lord and will stop at nothing to crush the competition...literally.

The Night Stockers is written by Splatterpunk award winners Kristopher Triana & Ryan Harding, a collaboration that is a match made in Hell. Written with a heavy dose of vile depravity, these authors are dedicated to give the reader a gore soaked adventure into the service industry. Having the plot centered around an everyday familiar location brings some realism to the over-the-top savagery bestowed on the unexpected. From the Bakery Department to the Meat Counter to the Frozen Food aisles, no area is safe from the inflictions of weaponry such as box cutters, cardboard balers and frozen turkeys. Not since the biblical conventional themes of good vs evil has there been such an onslaught of carnage warfare.

In addition, the book is encompassed by a soundtrack of Death and Doom Metal bands such as Obituary, Malevolent Creation, Immolation and Venom accompany the gruesome blood shed. This interactive quality of writing nails the “take it for what it is” dark atmosphere of Triana & Harding. Warning...this book is rated SP for ear splitting metal and full frontal brutality.
Horror Bookworm tips for shopping at The Devil’s Food grocery store: Always check for expiration dates before purchasing. Browse the sale items for bargain buys. If you hear “clean up on aisle 666” over the store’s intercom immediately push your cart towards the front end for a speedy checkout. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 5/5
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5 / 5 Horror Bookworm Splatterpunk Fun

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