Pandemonium by Ryan Harding & Lucas Mangum

Tickets have been given away to the most popular event in town, The BPHW (Bloody Pit of Horror Wrestling Show). This extreme competition features hardcore wrestling legends along with the mysterious underground sensation The Crimson Executioner. As the show begins, an unnatural menace looms among the contenders as well as the audience. This pending doom leads to a struggle for all participants and attendees to survive an onslaught of pure Hell.

Ryan Harding & Lucas Mangum have cultivated a wrestling stage of nightmares called Pandemonium. This blood frenzy is cranked to eleven as these Splatterpunk authors create an alternative throw down involving soulless spawns of the damned.

Having a select group of people trapped within four walls while evading roaming entities will undoubtedly cause a sensation of claustrophobia for the reader. Balanced with the screams of the infected and the bloody carnage of human flesh, the overall vibe of this book is as devastating as The Flying Abortion...a torturous signature maneuver.

It’s always great to see two of your favorite authors pair up with the anticipation of what has been accomplished between the two. In this case the result is an example of Splatterpunk at its best. Fueled by plenty of satanic energy this unearthly work of fiction grabs relentlessly with dagger-like teeth and never lets go.
Donning luchador masks and capes, these two authors tag-team their way to combining ancient prophecies with modern day wrestling entertainment. So grab your steel chairs, barbed wire, ladders and this 2021 Splatterpunk Award Nominee for Best Novel. You will need them all to survive the night.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation 4 / 5

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