Dust by Chris Miller

One man’s mission…to locate an elusive archaic western town named Dust. A town that harvests nothing but pure black-hearted evil. A town with a hidden age-old relic from another time. A town that will soon unveil its mysterious hidden agenda that has been shrouded in darkness.

Chris Miller adds to the Death’s Head Press line of Splatterpunk Westerns with his novel Dust. Written with a flare of cosmic horror, Miller’s Lovecraftian approach harnesses an original mixture of ancient gods and Wild West.

As unimaginable horrors of the universe gather to unlock myths of the unholy, two men ride into town. One to prevent destruction and annihilation, and one to encourage it. Boundaries will be pushed towards other planes of existence, and entities will cause chaos. The result will be an unfathomable confrontation of the Good, the Bad and the Elders.

Graphic depictions of parasitic hosts devouring fresh meat. Tentacle driven innovations where fear is food and suffering is a delicacy. Gods, monsters and fiends all have an uncontrollable lust for power. Chris Miller has undeniably succeeded in putting the splatter in splatterpunk with his novel Dust.
Published in 2020, Dust by Chris Miller is a nominee for Best Novel on behalf of the 2021 Splatterpunk Award. Sometimes it takes a small nudge from a fellow reader to explore an author you may not have read yet. Consider this my nudge. It will leave you with the need to feed on more Chris Miller fiction.
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A 4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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