Room 138 by Jay Wilburn & Armand Rosamilia

A small group of people possess the ability to time travel and journey to the past, present and future. These gateways into different time periods always begin and end inside room 138, be it Hotel, Motel or lodging of any variety. Without any understanding of their meaning and purpose, these chosen few must find clues towards their next jump in time. Sorting through lies, secrets and theories, the puzzle pieces are given by unknown friends and deceitful foes. Ultimate questions will be asked. Unfathomable answers will be given. Prepare yourself for the disturbing truth of Room 138.

Jay Wilburn & Armand Rosamilia have impressively collaborated on their tale of transtemporal travel. The reader accompanies main character Hank, as he stumbles upon ultimate knowledge in connection with loops in spacetime. Porting from location to location and year to year has many unintended repercussions and tests Hank’s will to survive. Combining the complexity of the universe with a consistent flow of intellect, this writing duo twists the rules of fictional time, space and death into a tense nightmarish read.

Not since 11/22/63 has a diverse amount of extended historical events captured the essence and curiosity of time travel as Room 138 has. The aggressive complexity of theological concepts command a full tilt boogie towards invented space and time within each and every page of this sci-fi/horror/thriller.
From their hilarious dedications to the inventive threads of ultra-modern fiction, Wilburn & Rosamilia make a great writing partnership. There have been several famous room numbers that have made an impact in this genre of 101, room 217, room 1408 and now room 138 is among the doors that lead to unfamiliar territory.
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A 4 / 5 🧳 🧳 🧳 🧳 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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