The Headless Boy by Kelli Owen

Jake & Maggie’s future appears to have taken a successful leap into parenthood. The couple soon prepare for a much desired addition to their marriage. As Maggie’s due date draws near, the unthinkable happens. The tragedy of losing an unborn child becomes reality, and the struggles with intense grief begins. They make a decision to leave their home town, friends and jobs for a fresh start on life. However, this new beginning will involve a healing process that will not only test their marriage, but their sanity as well.

Author Kelli Owen brings the realism of a parents worse nightmare to her book, The Headless Boy. The emotions of guilt and heartbreak combined with hope and the struggle for a state-of-normalcy becomes the foundation for what lies ahead. Owen then immerses the reader into an unexpected cesspool of ghosts, spirits and the afterlife.

Toys, trinkets and small mementos become symbolized diversions of reality as distress eventually leads to “desperate times calling for desperate measures”. Kelli Owen consistently provides an ideal pace accompanied by pendulum swings of haunting images. The Headless Boy achieves its eerie purpose of providing a first-rate reading experience.

Completing this total package is the book cover. The worn retro look has that 1980’s nostalgic paperback vibe that we have all learned to love. From the beautiful art work to the blatantly aggressive title, this book is definitely a vibrant head turner.
Do you believe in psychic mediums? Do you believe in the powers of a ouija board? Do you believe in paranormal phenomenas? Do you believe in ghosts? …you will…
A 4 / 5 🧸 🧸 🧸 🧸 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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