The Island by Sara Brooke

In order to reignite the love and passion in their relationships, three couples plan a full weekend getaway to a private remote island. Uninhabited for 20 years, Derth Island has now been fully staffed and consists of cabins, dining areas and beach bars. As the guests arrive and personnel is in full swing, a dark ancient existence has been slowly awaken from its island slumber.

Author Sara Brooke offers an exclusive invitation to visit...The Island. From the eerie northern woods to the distant blood-curdling shrieks, Sara builds an unearthly atmosphere guaranteed to shake the reader to the core. Its defiled land awaits the opportunities to seek morbid retribution on both guilty and innocent trespassers. Combining fear, superstition and jump scares, Sara Brooke’s impressive ability to conjure up numerous “creepy-as-heck” moments is a testament to her writing skills.

The conception of a diverse group of people trapped within a confined area has always been frightfully appealing to me. Add a mass of evil energy lurking behind every corner and you have an effective form of horror sure to please.

Published by Crossroad Press and coming in at just under 200 pages, late night reading sessions should be expected for the reader. The cover artwork is spectacular and a good representation of what should be expected. Overall a great visual package.
A scorned paranormal entity. An island at unrest. A cast of disposable heroes. No one is safe from The Island. Think of The Ruins meets The Grudge and you have a five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Horror Bookworm Recommendation entitled The Island by Sara Brooke.
Visit Crossroad Press…
5 / 5 🏝 🏝 🏝 🏝 🏝
A Strong Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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