Trenchmouth by Christine Morgan

A crew of top notch doctors, techs and scientists are gathered to explore the deep waters of the ocean. This mysterious aquatic void is not only a murky foreign trench, but also inhabits sea creatures that are capable of haunting your dreams. The crew of Fathom-5 will not only face those horrific scavengers of the deep, but will also confront their own deep dark secrets.

Author Christine Morgan takes her gore soaked talent below the oceanic surface and into a universe of uncharted territory. Trenchmouth follows not only a team of skilled professionals, but also a group of volunteer test subjects. These guinea pigs have committed to the study of body manipulation relating to aquatic aptitudes and nautical transformations. In addition, the various underwater life inhabiting its ecological area has brought a new face to splatterpunk fiction. From giant squids to Lovecraftian nightmares of the deep, these creations flow freely from the undercurrent of Christine Morgan.

Among the melee and slaughter, Morgan pieces together a concoction of human evolution and claustrophobic spookiness. Her ability to paint a detailed picture for the reader is very uncommon. I found myself visualizing the conditions and circumstances surrounding each chapter with ease. This allowed the “special effects unit” in my mind to succeed at fueling my imagination.
Reasons for grabbing your copy of Trenchmouth…”catched & released” by Madness Heart Press…the al”lure”ing cover art is beautiful…Ed Lee “setting the hook” with his blurb…the content will definitely “reel” you in…Christine’s creativity shines brighter than the luminescent glow of an anglerfish…and more sensual than dolphin porn.
Visit Madness Heart Press…
A 4 / 5 🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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