Slob by Aron Beauregard

A cleaning obsession develops into a clever idea for earning extra money. The thought is to sell vacuum carpet cleaners door to door. However, Vera’s good intentions turn into the worst decision of her life. As her path crosses a heartless heathen’s compulsive behavior, she is now confronted with a perverted playground cultivated from the mind of a twisted psychopath. Vera quickly learns survival has its cost.

The Slob by Aron Beauregard brings forth an unpleasant reality of intimate violation and torment. The reader should be aware physical violence and horrendous acts of defilement is a common thread throughout this splatterpunk novella.

Beauregard provides all the innards of a daring venture that pushes boundaries...a mentally deranged protagonist, a derailment of sanity and so many vile moments you could fill a large garbage bag with them. Equipped with a nauseating flavor of rotted darkness, this morbid precious morsel will leave a long lasting taste of immoral decadence on the readers tastebuds.

Having great cover art along with a nomination for a Splatterpunk Award in the category of Best Novella, The Slob packs its lunch with a cannibalistic meat sandwich, a side of oozing puss and more blood and gore you can shake a carpet cleaner attachment stick at.
I have attended many a Gross-Out Contest over the years. The Slob by Aron Beauregard is basically a full length award winning gross-out entry. Conquering this sub-genre of horror fiction, Aron Beauregard has officially succeeded in putting the “splat” in splatterpunk.
A 4 / 5 🍖 🍖 🍖 🍖 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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