Bella’s Boys by Thomas R Clark

While enjoying an evening at a karaoke bar, Corey (singer of a known rock band), encounters what seems to be his dream metal goddess. As the night progresses a menacing snow storm looms near. However, this storm brings more than just heavy accumulations of ice and snow. This impending meteorological doom carries a severe blizzard of cosmic horror.

A modern “storm of the century” has arrived in the form of a novella called Bella’s Boys. Surreal nightmares and hidden terrors lure victims with lustful desires and sexual fixations to a tormented eternal imprisonment. Author Thomas Clark balances erotica and horror as well as any dreamscape painted by Clive Barker’s imaginative mind. This too has that fantastical quality of repulsion beyond realism.

Bella’s Boys additionally incorporates a clever underlying music theme that steadily runs throughout the book. This compliments a modern day take on siren type succubus entities. These tentacle wielding snow serpents live within winter storms and are more chilling than making snow angels in the nude.

Bella’s Boys has been nominated for a Splatterpunk Award in the category of Best Novella. It’s originality, creep factor and commitment not to shy away from scandalous themes makes this a front runner and a strong Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
Included in this sinister package of bone-chilling blizzard horror is an additional short story and an afterword worthy of mentioning. Thomas Clark discloses an insight on his personal experience with his own “storm of the century”. This recollection becomes relevant for the reason that it sheds an intriguing light on how his novella Bella’s Boys was formed into what it is today.
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A 4 / 5 🦑 🦑 🦑 🦑 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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