Encyclopedia Sharksploitanica by Susan Snyder

A shark is bizarrely transformed into a death machine called Roboshark. A vengeful shark seizes a house and terrorizes a sheriff and his son. An ultimate showdown occurs when two titans encounter each other…Sharktopus vs Whalewolf. Welcome to Encyclopedia Sharksploitanica, an entertaining handbook commemorating the evolution of shark films. This extensive masterpiece of informative commentary begins with the one-and-only Jaws then focuses on the blatant rip-offs, coattail riders and successfully replicated movies.

In the tradition of Joe Bob Briggs and Grady Hendrix, author Susan Snyder has made her own imprint in the horror community by navigating a humorous informative tour of sharksploitation films. By using her extensive knowledge, Snyder reviews and provides commentary on low budget gems with a profound passion. With categories such as, Two For One: The “Versus” Movies, Rip Offs and Fins In Funnels...breaking down unique gore filled cinematic delights turn into a one of a kind jawsome reading experience.

The approach in which a clever tongue-in-cheek Susan Snyder dissects and rationalizes each film is something to witness. The quick-wit and sheer randomness of her annotations makes each synopsis the star of this underwater encounter spectacular. Her clichés and playful musings are guaranteed to put a smile on your face if not an outright burst of laughter. This makes each and every review worth experiencing.
After reading Encyclopedia Sharksploitanica, I actively sought out several of these efforts of ingenuity in an attempt to embrace the oddness and cheesiness of what it has to offer. I suppose there’s worse addictions in life but consider my new obsession a testimony to the literary talent performed by Susan Snyder...you Evil Temptress. This 5 star nonfiction pleasure has become a top read of mine for 2021, and will be yours too if given the chance.
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A 5 / 5 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 🦈 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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