Red Station by Kenzie Jennings

A small group of passengers travel by carriage across the wide open prairie lands of the Wild West. These strangers have their own individual scheduled agendas and intended destinations. Before nightfall emerges, the party seeks out a known home station that will provide their needs for an overnight stay. Isolated in the middle of nowhere, the guests soon realize the proprietors of this establishment have an intent of their own.

The fore mentioned beautiful fortress located in the heart of “God’s Country”, bestows an appearance of humble sanctuary among the empty land’s potential savagery. This facade slowly forms a dark decent into madness, a sickness within its four walls and a brutality unmatched by any evil known to man. These merciless conceptions are shaped and molded from the imaginative mind of author Kenzie Jennings.

The Red Station holds numerous surprise shocks, extreme tense moments and threads of gore that seep into every chapter. Kenzie ensures “the build up” is just as enticing as the slaughter and carnage regarding the meat of the story. If there was a butcher of the macabre located in the meat packing district, her name tag would read “Kenzie”. For all these reasons, The Red Station has rightfully been nominated for a Splatterpunk Award in the category of Best Novella.
Kenzie Jennings has made reservations available to all her readers for a one night stay at the Red Station. A claustrophobic isolated getaway. A locale where horror meets west. A “home sweet home” where the family that slays together stays together. Have a pleasant stay.
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A 4 / 5 🏠 🏠 🏠 🏠 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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