Let Me Out I’ve Had Enough by Mark Matthews

A daughter embraces the overwhelming pain of losing her mother while fighting a profound guilt existing deep below her protective emotional surface. A new Black Death plague rises as a viral devastation is released upon the world’s population, and the only hope for humanity is a celestial race of Bug Chasers. A young boy discovers the “Body of Christ” through his own demented creation of communion hidden in a well kept ziploc baggie of salvation.

Mark Matthews displays his surreal poetic horror writing style within his collection of short stories titled, Let Me Out I’ve Had Enough. Lining up stories by means of diseased relationships, detrimental life altering fresh starts and agonizing abandonments all converts into a powerful compilation of disturbing fiction. Each and every heavy hearted story shoulders the burden of sadness and tear driven restitution. Be prepared for an unconventional dose of salvation, vows that only flesh and blood can compensate and life-and-death decisions that can only be read to be believed.
Matthews offers a new kind of mother’s milk full of bristling bipolar swings of misshapen moments. He uses twisted seductions of false prophets and empty religious assurances as a tempting lure for his characters. These elements are a constant thread surrounded by intense images of twisted madness throughout each and every story. Published by Wicked Run Press, this formidable collection calls forth an impressive talent of agonizing scarred fiction. Its heartrending immorality offers a disturbing life lesson taught by the one and only Mr. Mark Matthews…some wounds never heal.
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A 4 / 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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