Cold Spell: The Halloween Curse Of Winterhill by Jeff C. Carter

Arriving just in time for Halloween…

A group of adolescent friends begin preparations for their favorite holiday, Halloween. Their Candy Club is now in session and the planning of creepy costumes and pillowcase toting trick-or-treating routes are in full swing. However the autumn wind brings more than just a chill and blowing leaves. A freak snowstorm descends upon the town of Summerhill not only threatening to cancel the spooky holiday, but simultaneously it opens a passage to a sinister spirit world. The boys now have the heavy responsibility to not only save Halloween but battle restless beings of the supernatural world.

You know it’s that time of year when you see the friendly familiar writings of Jeff C. Carter. This ‘All Hallows Eve’ author once again bestows the sights, sounds and smells of harvest festivals and pumpkin patches combined with the hometown childhood traditions of Halloween. Expect a winter ‘Samhain’ experience full of vampires, werewolves and skeletons. With his creative monster mind, Carter cleverly twists these creatures of the night into Frostferatu, snow-werewolves and snowletons and takes the halloweenergy to a new level.
Readers of all ages will enjoy sinking their icicle fangs into this frightful piece of fiction full of lit jack-o-lanterns, gated cemeteries and contorted dark woods. Cold Spell: The Halloween Curse Of Winterhill brings back the tradition of Goosebumps in an enjoyable YA fashion. This is for those who like their October 31st sprinkled with enough ice and bone to send chills up the spine. Not since Nightmare Before Christmas has there been a better clash of holidays.
A 4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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