The Dire Circle published by D&T Publishing

Capricorn: A man signs his daughter’s rights away to an underground organization specializing in “treating” mental illness. Scorpio: A deity has skittered its way to renewal by unearthing an endless sacrificial food supply of tasty mortal morsels. Pisces: A reliquary power emerges from a bewitching service to society by means of voodoo lore and seduction. Libra: Rats, poisonous toxins and cringe worthy blackmail are just the beginnings to a ravenous revenge that is best served cold by the unstable.

The Dire Circle is an anthology centered around Black Zodiac symbolism, the evil counterpart to Zodiac signs. Each of these talented authors have created a clever representation of the immoral and cruel side of humanity. Among these twelve tales of dark traits and compulsive qualities you will find nightmarish curio shops, a tantalizing wine that oozes the juices of the seven deadly sins and a fiend that feeds on despair, sadness and betrayal.

No doubt the first several sentences to each work of fiction will pull the reader instantly into a world of unknown spectral existence. These nightmarish zodiac literary works based on earth, air, fire and water will leave a wake of infernal symbolism and brutal chaos that even a spirit board planchette would be proud of.
The horoscope horrors that flow evenly from story to story is a testament of the talent gathered in this book of sinister sensuality and dark dominance of deviant souls. D&T Publishing has allowed the reader to plunge within The Dire Circle and choose their astrological sin within its pages of numbers, letters & symbols. Which black zodiac symbol are you, and what will it reveal about your shadow personality…
A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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