Guest Halloween Horror Blogger

Please welcome my fellow guest blogger Amanja.

Amanja Reads too Much

I learned to read at a very young age and was reading full sentence kid books before I even went to Kindergarten. I’ve maintained that love throughout my entire life. Reading is more than just an escape, it’s art. Playing with language, coming up with the perfect pun, and crafting structure to tell stories in a new way are what keep me coming back for more.

I try to focus on indie and self published books in addition to my love of comic books. Showcasing new and developing authors helps bring them the audience they deserve. You’ll also find more books that haven’t been corrupted by publishers this way!

Since anyone reading a post on Horror Bookworm Reviews is probably looking for some scary stuff I’ll share a few of my recent horror favorites.

Petrified Women by Jeremy Ray is a novella that made me feel like I was hiding from the killer myself.

Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh by Christopher Opyr is another horror novella. This one highlights the real life horror of crippling anxiety, but with some real threats thrown in.

Goodbye Moonflower, by Connor De Bruler is a surreal and nihilistic take on horror that follows a locksmith on the worst shift of her life.

And finally, Rave by Konn Lavery. A simple slasher in the woods of Canada, except everyone is on ecstacy.
I hope you all find an indie horror novel to suit your darkest desires and describe your deepest fears. You can find reviews on comic books to nonfiction and everything in between at
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