Lost Words In A Dream by Lucas Milliron

Members of a hellish church initiate an evil orchestrated plan that involve unleashing the unspeakable. Visions of inhuman terrors slowly crawl from haunted sinkholes. These unseen voids of darkness tests Mark’s sanity as he attempts to unburden memories of the past and suppress experiences of the most unusual. Attempting to find sanctuary is easier said than done as his inner demons overtake his mental health and well being.

The tension of traumatized human isolation and broken relationships bring an agonizing heavy truth to Milliron’s distorted nightmares of monsters and gods. These painful veracities add a perfect balance to his unconventional storyline. The baptism into subconscious thoughts of the macabre have an elusive dream quality to each and every page. Existences from other dimensions, apocalyptic anxieties and attempts to resurrect ancient demigods fill this book with enough strange occurrences to satisfy a David Lynch wet dream.

Topping off this hellish vortex of hallucinatory atrocities, Milliron pays his respects by casting legendary shadows of Elder Gods and The Old Ones. His horror show oozes an imaginative script that offers the goriest of details that only a Jackson Pollock painting could understand. Filled with menacing environments, Lovecraftian type creatures and unavoidable struggles of irrational thoughts, Lost Words In A Dream composes its own lunatic’s song of suffering.
So let’s get down to the rancid meat and potatoes of this novella. Lucas Milliron’s strange musings come directly from a creative darkness that dwells within his mind. Readers should expect a mind bending head trip in the tradition of David Cronenberg. I strongly suggest you pick up this psychological exploration of warped human idiosyncrasies. Enjoy the visit!

A 4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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