Dissonant Harmonies by Bev Vincent & Brian Keene

- Frank, returns to his hometown of Bayport to meet up with younger brother Joey. Unfortunately the visit is not for pleasure, but to answer a plea for help. The ongoing disappearances of the town’s citizens during harsh winters tests the brothers beliefs of reality as unnatural forces arrive with the approaching blizzards. - As the worlds apocalyptic menace nears its unthinkable devastation, a man reflects on memories of the past as he and his wife are trapped in a motel awaiting the world’s end.

- The Dead Of Winter by Bev Vincent. The National Weather Service warns of snow…snow…and more snow. However the advisories of dark basements and unearthly disappearances of individuals have tragically gone undiscovered. Creating a disturbing atmosphere using winter stormy nights and a threat of looming terror, Bev Vincent navigates the reader through a chilling trail of paranoia and trepidation. His underscore of “it’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better” is an understatement of great proportions. Bring your winter attire and faith in your guardian spirit for this one.

- The Motel At The End Of The World by Brian Keene. Dave Giffen is at the end of his rope as a glowing orange fire of Armageddon jeopardizes his mental wellness. Brian Keene conducts his ability to express a realism of devastation and craziness gone horribly wrong with a flair of unforgettable creepiness. Thoughts of a soulmate’s quirks and foibles along with a commentary on “love is…” emerges as beyond entertaining in this nightmarish novella.
These two stories published by Cemetery Dance are scripted by Bev Vincent and Brian Keene. Exploring how listening to music can influences writing styles, these two authors exchanged a dedicated playlists for one another to listen to exclusively while creating their own melodies of Dissonant Harmonies.
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A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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