Black Tongue And Other Anomalies by Richard Beauchamp

A man receives payment to investigate the disappearance of local villagers and strange goings-on only to reveal an abhorrent madness. A mysterious small black object is discovered in a common everyday living room, however as the dark mass begins its transformation, the finder also succumbs to a horrid metamorphosis. A salvage team journeys into deep space and finds an abandoned geological research ship that holds a terrifying extraterrestrial secret.

Black Tongue is a diverse collection of storied anomalies composed by Richard Beauchamp. Readers should expect otherworldly abnormalities ranging from an underwater sanctuary that protects from celestial inhabitants to a truck driver that trespasses on tainted land, roaming with hellish entities. These unforeseen nightmares of the unusual are assembled with insidious energies, paranormal predators and bizarre minions.

Paired up with D&T Publishing, Richard Beauchamp’s collection straddles old school horror with sadistic sequences of intensely gorific events. Wormholes of the unexpected is a constant presence as is the fresh approach the author applies to each and every story. Reading Black Tongues is a pleasant diversity of creepiness that leaves you eagerly awaiting the next mini adventure into evilution.
Richard Beauchamp proves to be the ultimate chauffeur as he takes the reader on a stretch of endless blacktop of hallucinatory horror. His visions never miss their intended mark as arcane energy and fiendishly frightening pleasure become the target. Reader be warned, watch out for that first step…the beginning story is a doozy.
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A 4 / 5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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