One Last Shindig by Mark Towse

As a small group of elders take a guided tour, their frail vulnerability becomes in jeopardy by way of the utmost abnormality. The world has altered into a global chaotic mass of carnage. This frenzy of brutality and violence leaves the party stranded with a blood-curdling truth of humanity and its future. Something is making society turn on each other.

This creepy novella sets the mood with locales such as sleepy little coastal towns and darkened woods that inhabit the bizarre. Saddled with deserted wrecked cars, complete suburban blackouts and inaccessible phone signals…all rationality has dissipated. Fight or flight becomes the new mantra of survival.

Author Mark Towse, along with D&T Publishing creates the ultimate apocalyptic atmosphere. Underlying warnings of Earth’s chemicals, toxins and bacterial strains on the planet conveys a horrific contaminating harshness. Human emotions of guilt, anger, sadness and horror make this book a symphony of emotions.
Also included within the pages of this Towse terror is an additional story of a superhero with a distorted dream of harmony and balance. If you haven’t given this author a try, what are you waiting for, you won’t regret it. Grab your copy of One Last Shindig and discover the terrifying mystery before death comes collecting for you. A can’t miss Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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