Stolen Seed by Tim Eagle

Benson Rhoades is a madman. He is a psychopath that is judgmental of others and full of hatred. He encompasses an abnormal social behavior that results in morbid gratification. One day Rhoades stumbles across a yellow faded business card that states “Killing Is Business And Business Is…”

Stolen Seed is a brutal tale of family abuse, urban chaos and depravity at its most merciless height. Centered around an abhorrent rampage, author Tim Eagle paints a picture of cultural carnage. He takes the reader on a gritty and dirty fictional ride that requires a shower to not only cleanse the accumulated scum but also to cleanse the inner soul.

Eagle’s mixture of ugly truths with flesh & bone shines a spotlight on his ability to expose horrific honesties yet still maintain an engaging storyline. His representation of the everyday predator is a fictional sight to behold. Be prepared to take a dip into the rotting pool of humanity and bask in the uncomfortable writing style that is Tim Eagle.
An unnatural morbid obsession towards a significant tattoo, a distorted view of an evil infested world and the adage of “rob’em all, rape’em all and kill’em all.” Tim Eagle’s deranged world of pandemonium & chaos makes this a worthy Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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