Howls From The Dark Ages edited by P.L. McMillan & Solomon Forse

- An unusual stone is found inside a deserted remote cave. It embellishes beauty as well as an unseen curse. It lies dormant and waits for its chosen one. - A holy tome shrouded in unusual markings, scriptures and secretive messages translates into pure evil and wickedness. - A monastery’s forbidden basement holds dark rumors of magic and necromancy. Upon further investigation, enhanced sacred writings of blasphemy chronicles a deadly risk for those who are lured within.

Welcome to Howls from the Dark Ages, a medieval horror fiction anthology. Join the appointed curator to this Museum of Medieval Oddities as he provides a tour of castle predators, mercenaries driven by bloodlust and dark woods where ageless creatures are rumored to dwell. Editors P.L. McMillan & Solomon Forse have gathered a select group of armored authors and sword wielding storytellers to form a primitive skill like no other.

The originality of blending horror with the Middle Ages is successfully achieved by talents such as Hailey Piper, Lindsey Ragsdale, Cody Goodfellow and Christopher O’Halloran among many other amazing members of the HOWL Society. An honorable mention must be made to Jessica Peter’s communal offering of unbelievable poetry. The forged bell tolls loudly with this codex as sounds of frightful foreboding fiction ring true from it.
Dearest Reader,
Go thy way and fare ye’ the casting out of demons and the mar of beauty within. Retain services to help defend thy king and castle against nightmarish hostile invaders. Behold giant cannibals that desire the taste for human flesh. Within these perverse yellowed parchments, Howls from the Dark Ages has something for every god fearing Lord and Lady.
Your most loyal servant, Horror Bookworm Reviews.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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