Five Deaths For Seven Songbirds by John Everson

Leaving the United States and traveling to Belgium, Eve has begun her new life as a student at an exclusive satellite building of the Royal Conservatory. As her dedication towards a masters in composition gets underway, Eve auditions for a much needed pianist for a tight knit jazz combo called Songbirds. The decision to join the extracurricular ensemble quickly turns deadly as pupils begin to disappear under extreme suspicious circumstances.

Five Deaths For Seven Songbirds welcomes students from all over the world to a university of murder & mayhem. Conductor John Everson sets an intense tempo of musical fiction that only a seasoned author could create. From professors to students, Everson ensures no one is safe from a lurking psychopath that is in need of exploring the dark feelings of death. With weapon of choice in hand and donning a black mask & leather gloves, the antagonist will undoubtedly provide the reader with iced veins.

The combination of a great narrative plot with Everson’s familiar brutality bind together like two wrists behind a back. Of course my attraction to this novel lies within microphones, tuning forks and musical instruments used other than for playing. These weapons of bodily destruction are cleverly woven into an inner sanctum of shadowed intensified moments. Plenty of eye bulging and bloated body moments await the reader.
Fashioned after the classic movie Scream, Five Deaths For Seven Songbirds is an entertaining piece of who dunnit reading. Hold your breath, because you won’t know from which direction the horror will come from and which method the crimson will flow. Grab this Horror Book Recommendation today and enjoy the experience.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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