The Haunting Of Harry Peck by David-Jack Fletcher

A visit to an Uncle’s farm turns into an emotional downward spiral of nightmarish proportions for Harry Peck. It begins with the violent death of a rooster that Harry is ultimately responsible for. Vowing to never kill again, he revisits his ethical beliefs and eventually seeks forgiveness. However a manifestation of an animal curse emerges with an unearthly vengeance initiating an unholy transformation.

Welcome to the peculiar world of author David-Jack Fletcher. Where possessions of a chicken spirit becomes a haunting reality. Where spiritual exorcisms are performed upon the innocent as evil is attempted to be evicted from the soul. Where Vegan Shamans and lemons are the only savior from a sacred possession. These strange occurrences are centered around the theory of…when an animal is killed in a violent way, it can turn into a malevolent spirit.

Even though the bizarreness of this story reaches crescendos of demon chickens and exorcism, a steady undercurrent of morality remains a clever solid anchor that gives the story a compelling amount of passion. As lemon juice seeps from page to page, lessons are learned through barbaric actions and justice to be served moments of fictional fun. Fletcher has written a perfect balance of comedy & tragedy into his book, The Haunting of Harry Peck.
Have you been haunted by the possession of a raven, maybe an unhappy soul of a guinea pig, raccoon or emu? Gather your peace offerings and call the nearest 1-800-SHAMAN. Harness all those demons within and all your problems should be solved in two shakes of a tail feather. Take heed..He That Would Have Eggs Must Endure The Cackling Of Hens. A must read Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
A must read Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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