Bel, The Last Dragon: Jungles Of Habbiel by John Baltisberger

A malevolent battle has been raging for centuries, older than the War of Dictates itself. A war where fallen angels and supernatural creatures attempt to hold power while feeding off the domination of others. Now, a small posse consisting of a satyr, kappa, succubus and a stoic dragon undertake the impossible task of toppling the evil tyrants of destruction.

Author John Baltisberger institutes his conception of splatterpulp fiction towards medieval kingdoms, unnatural unions of mystic beings and the carnage of an immortal struggle for control. His novella inhabits not only an ancient enemy that exists within different realms, but is also occupied by monsters, magic and mayhem. Bel, The Last Dragon: Jungles of Habbiel ignites the popularity of fantasy novelization with a core element of splatterpunk.
Specializing in the chaotic savagery of combat, Baltisberger gives the reader a shot of warfare adrenaline that they won’t soon forget. Primal brutality and strategic heroism are the offerings that hold true to this multi-universe of time, matter and annihilation. This Kaiju Poet captivates the realms of sword & sorcery at a level of delightful decadence unmatched by no other. This is John Baltisberger breaking new fictitious ground and unearthing originality once again. I can’t wait to see what comes next. A solid Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
A Solid Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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