The Reyes Incident by Briana Morgan

- A small group of amateur filmmakers search for evidential truth of the strange and unusual. Urbexploitation is the name of their show of investigative reality. Surrounded by rumors of strange sightings and mutations, their sleuthing leads them to an abandoned military bunker located within Dawsonville Forest. As the exploration gets underway the crew stumbles upon an unexpected discovery of true horror. - Sergeant Andrea McCollum has been reassigned to a suspicious missing persons case with notes of homicide involved. Her investigation leads to confronting a failed marriage, oppressive sexual discrimination and a witness to a stomach churning testimony of terror.

Author Briana Morgan combines a relationship’s inner struggle of painful truths with the ultimate creature feature. Using emails and incident reports, Morgan’s multilayered story derives itself from a creative found footage vibe. The result is a crimson flow of believability entitled The Reyes Incident.

Let’s dive into the grotesque meat & bone of the story shall we? Don’t let the smooth taste fool ya, the fundamental essence of this underwater nightmare lunges from the depths of the authors creativity and grabs the reader by the throat. Morgan’s subterranean horror allows only an instant to surface and gasp for air before being pulled back into the intense plot. These cliffhanging moments of carnage keep an underlying feeling of doom and dread until the last page has been turned.
Think of The Raft by Stephen King, except with trigger warnings. It’s that good folks, not kidding. So if you wanna read some gore like you’ve never seen before, take a dip into this dark edgy “tail” of terror. A 100% Horror Bookworm Recommendation. Blew me away.
A 5/5 Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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