The Last Storm by Tim Lebbon

The future has nothing to offer the population except for a lack of water causing a prolonged deadly drought. Society’s need for this precious liquid has developed into an outlaw style of living. Rumors of those who possess a gift handed down from generation to generation begin to surface. These are known as Rainmakers, people who have the power to create rain and who are heavily sought after for profit as well as personal gain. However this talent can be saddled with unexplained horrific results. A family bloodline of Rainmakers adheres to their own powers and discovers a gift can be a cruel reality.

The Last Storm by Tim Lebbon focuses on ecological horror, a global warming crisis that forces desert dwellers to search for a better way of living. Soakers, Rainmakers and others are the direct result of this catastrophic plague that grips the country. Armed with apparatuses composed of circuit boards and mechanical components, with the rain comes a meteorological horror of blood, snakes, scorpions and spiders.
Lebbon brings to life a landscape of tension, fear and unrelenting savagery in his novel. Having this unnatural danger looming over the reader, creates a despairing emotional state of apprehension that slowly rises from each and every page. These psychological experiences range from the cruelty of mankind to the unsettling strangeness of a manipulated Mother Nature. It’s the calm before the storm, so seek your oasis of sanctuary and experience now what everyone will be talking about later. The Last Storm is proof Lebbon remains a master at horror storytelling. A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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