The Mississippi Glory Hole Mutilations by Peter N. Dudar

Betty-June Gray is a survivor of a violent unlawful abduction. Labeled “The Blood Cult of the Booby Farm,” it is known as one of the most notorious atrocities in the annals of American Crime. Seven years later Betty-June is waitressing at Pig Whistle Truck Stop Diner and attempting to finally pick up the pieces of her and her son’s life. However horrific tragedy has found its way back into her life in a big kind of way. Can she survive a second time?

Mississippi is the site that author Peter N. Dudar has chosen for his glorious gore gone wild tale of terror. Not only has he created a macabre multilayered masterpiece but the title is pure genius. From a mysterious sexual vigilante called “The Headhunter” to a monstrosity sized spill from a chemical plant that would make The Toxic Avenger proud. All of these bizarre events and more have historically become known as “The Mississippi Glory Hole Mutilations.”

Dudar’s subject matter puts forth the unnatural and the uncomfortable while exposing savagery through his characters. Mutated marine biology, disgusting trouser snakes and the brutality of humankind are the disgusting mixtures of ecological horror & flesh torture. From the beautiful cover to the nefarious plots, this is indeed a Rotting-Meat Maggot & Blue-Bottle Fly approved read.
Next time you’re near a Truck Stop Diner in the vicinity of Mississippi, be sure to pop in and order the double-cherry pie…I hear it’s to die for. Peter N. Dudar where have you been all my life?! A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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