Bishop by Candace Nola

A mother and daughter decide on a outdoor hiking and climbing excursion. After no word from the two of them, a family member joins the search and rescue expedition to find his sister and niece. Within the vast stretch of snow-covered wilderness, the team unearths a gruesome discovery. Something unnatural is roaming the shadows of the forest…something is feeding on the fear and despair of its victims.

Candace Nola manifests a gripping survival story of the unusual and the supernatural in this Uncomfortably Dark Horror published novella entitled Bishop. Make no qualms about it, this book is a monster mash of chaotic brutality and gore filled savagery intended to frighten, scare and disgust. From superstitious townsfolk to the distant moaning wails of the darkness, Bishop is a testament to…the scariest things aren’t necessarily what’s underneath the bed.

Let’s take an in depth look at the writing style of Candace Nola shall we? Embracing a primal darkness as well as a murky despair is a tool used by Nola to lure and captivate her audience. Once the reader is seduced to invest in the story, Nola let’s fear and panic fall like snowflakes until the accumulation triggers an avalanche of breathtaking tense conclusions. The talent of providing an eerie environment and twisted folklore is a testament to her skills of enhanced storytelling. Horror fans will love the flow of this “never a dull moment” experience.
Candace will be assigned as your wilderness guide to following unusual tracks of terror as well as discovering rare predatory wildlife. If you stick to the path the worse that could happen will be a full blown case of goose flesh. Wander off the path and something wicked will no doubt come this way! A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation applies here. Grab this one quickly.
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A five star Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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