These Lingering Shadows compiled by Daemon Manx

- As Halloween night approaches, a teenage girl has been grounded for her actions of wrong doing. Her punishment is to stay home and hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters. As the little spooks begin their neighborhood celebration, an extraordinary treater pays a visit to the house. - A man returns to his childhood memories by paying a visit to a simpler time. His Autumn excursion causes a curiosity that peaks with impenetrable exits of a boarded up haunted house. - A woman receives a mysterious beautiful bouquet of roses. The script on the florist card reveals a message that relates to a parallel dimension. A self contained plane of existence where scorned lovers, broken relationships and skeletons in the closet slowly emerge from the darkness. - A man retreats to a secluded cabin he considers a wooded hidden haven. There he revisits a morbid memory unaware that a deadly design of revenge is in full spiritual swing. His fate for the future is in the capable hands of karma.

Last Waltz Publishing showcases a hallows’ evening of haunted stories that should only be read with the lights on. These Lingering Shadows features the talents of Guy Quintero, Daemon Manx, James G. Carlson and Heather Miller. The anthology pulls no punches on its paranormal back wooded stories of the unexplained. From a cursed werewolf’s revenge upon a small village to an encounter with a witch/demon/enchantress, these bloodstained pages of unholy cleansing leads the reader down a cobblestone path to dark fiction.

Compiled by Daemon Manx, These Lingering Shadows runs the gambit of gnashing teeth, ripping flesh and cracking bone literature. These disturbing sabbaticals of the strange may cause fear, shock or anxiety…you have been warned. With a whopping 15 stories and a forward by Candace Nola, so many uncomfortable poetic moments await that you may ask yourself…what would Samhain do?
Grab your potato sack and prepare for these talented authors to fill it up with handfuls of horrific fiction. These dark delicacies will satisfy that scary sweet tooth we all have. What a great Autumn Horror Bookworm Recommendation read! Go grab a copy and find out for yourself…it’s everything you will ever want in an anthology.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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