Human Monsters edited by Sadie Hartmann & Ashley Saywers

- Provided by the parents of Wallow Valley, the 129th Annual Awards has begun its ceremony. Highly sought after prizes and trophies are presented to the winners of this gruesome celebration. It just so happens the recipients are children ages 7 through 12. - “You wanna see something?” A Grandfather & Grandson’s relationship becomes even more special when dark secrets are revealed, and those tense filled words are muttered. - The owner and proprietor of Pasta Pronto works hard at his culinary skills and takes great pride in his cuisines. When a “part time” food critic gives an unsatisfactory review towards a meal from the restaurant, the opinion becomes an all-important factor between life and death. - The Bodi Bag App is now taking orders as new listings are posted at regular intervals. These requests have a common penchant for duct tape, tarps and bloodshed. - A woman bravely identifies her rapist. Even though a restraining order is set in place, their paths cross once again, and again, and again.

Edited by Sadie Hartmann & Ashley Saywers, Human Monsters is an anthology of intense disturbing human behavior. The pace is quickly set by showcasing an amazing cover, which happens to be a perfect representation of what is yet to come. With the introduction provided by the one and only Christopher Golden and contributions by Stephen Graham Jones, Laurel Hightower, Tim Meyer, Chad Lutzke, Josh Malerman, and Samantha Kolesnik…this quality of A-Listers goes on and on and on. This alone is reason to pick up a copy.

From a young boys circle of friendship who plan to murder their Boy Scout leader to a blind date gone extremely wrong. These sinister stories border dark fiction with real-life horrors of day-to-day living. The lack of humanity incorporated within this 400 page hunk of horror include victimized abductions and unstable adversaries to the point of causing the reader many sleepless nights. If you choose an immoral way of life, one thing is certain, revenge doesn’t take away the pain…but the feeling is euphoric.
Leather straps, duct tape, restraints, tarps and muffled screams…the only question left for a Human Monster is how many Hail Marys will it take to wash away the sins and be purified once again. Enjoy these nightmares. Hopefully you won’t be seeing your face on a missing flyer or milk carton any time soon. A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation stamp of approval.
A Five Star Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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