Pocket Book Collection #1

- Damned Lazy by Christine Morgan. A strange missing persons case falls into the lap of Private Investigator Matt Brimstone. Kidnapping? Runaway? Donning his fedora, trench coat and werewolf mitts, Brimstone unveils the most unusual truth of a mysterious disappearance.

- The Hillels Have Eyes by John Baltisberger. Josh and Alan have been accepted to attend the University of Texas. However their higher educational experience is anything but a normal. Disembarking from being Jewish in a small town, these two friends join a celebratory religion on the school campus that goes from holy to horrific.

- The Bounce House by Edward Lee. Miles Bennell and his wife are planning a birthday party for their young son. Clowns, magicians, backyard pool and an inflated bounce house are all part of the preparations. However when a sick twist of reality resulting from jumping in the recreational play area develops, the celebration quickly turns into an unforgettable grotesque gift.

- Failure by Jay Wilburn. Roman and his family are in preparations for the “end of the world” as zombies have risen and are walking the streets. Be that as it may, Roman’s medical condition becomes a heavy burden on those around him. He finds himself quickly running out of food, supplies, weapons and most important of all…time.

Madness Heart Press has released a brand new collection of Pocket Books. This bundle of stories include authors Edward Lee, Christine Morgan, Jay Wilburn and John Baltisberger. Individually available, these four tales of terror involve everything from uncanny transfigurations to immoral congregations to apocalyptic horrors. Disturbing gore, unholy creations and of course a mad scientist. These books boast the ability to take the reader to Hell and back again…literally and figuratively.

What can you say about this quartet of accomplished writers that hasn’t been said before. Talent is abundantly clear as these masters of the written word spread their images of substantial anomalous perversions. Morgan’s unusual imaginative realms. Baltisberger’s combinations of lust & violence. Lee’s bizarre genital oddities. Wilburn’s terrifying unconditional sacrifices. The defiling of mainstream horror comes across feral as fuck from these four storytellers. It’s the evil that authors do.
Collect them like baseball cards, trade them with your best friends, keep your favorite storyteller and watch the value rise in popularity. Parental supervision along with a five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation has officially been dealt. (insert the black & white Parental Advisory Explicit Content sticker here)
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Edward Lee

Christine Morgan

Jay Wilburn

John Baltisberger

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A Five Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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