MANX-IETY by Daemon Manx

- A little boy makes a pact within himself to overcome his own fear and not succumb to peer pressure. An attempt to jump over a black abyss known as “the well” is his rite of passage in this horrific coming of age tale.

- While coping with a festering amount of anguish, a man discovers the source of his late wife’s cancer. It just so happens the disease dwells within the dark dank confines of his household’s crawl space.

- Travis & Darcy travel to a secluded Halloween bash. As darkness falls the two witness a strange object falling from the sky. A green glow as well as a pulsating vibration increases as they grow closer to their destination. This hallows eve will be one like no other.

Author Daemon Manx offers up his collection of nightmares, dark memoirs and anxiety ridden stories entitled Manx-iety. From a haunted asylum for the insane to a cheating husband that is forced to “recalculate” his life to a woman who witnesses a ghastly murder. These tension filled stories have secrets shared from troubled spirits, urban legends and haunted domiciles…all from the innovative mind of Daemon Manx.

Manx-iety is not just twisted tales, they are horrific terrors of the emotional kind which cut much deeper. Unsettling social alienation along with severe sorrow and sadness are underlying themes within these pages catering incurable tragedies. If you haven’t read Daemon Manx this is a perfect place to start. He somehow brings to life his thoughts and experiences that are bound to hit a sensitive nerve you never knew you had.
Expect sensations of rapid breathing, pounding heart rates and profuse sweating while reading Manx-iety. It truly is an emotional tour of the mind that the author wants to show you. Daemon Manx has built his own tortured asylum, and you the reader, have been committed. A highly rated Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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