The Night Mother by John Everson

Amongst the city streets an exclusive club known as NightWhere exists. An urban legend known to quench one’s thirst for sexual pain and pleasure by invitation only. This mythical establishment appears on earth once a month emerging in different locations each time. A seductive hell where sexual fulfillment is provided that can only be imagined exclusively at NightWhere.

Deadly fetishes to necrophiliac rooms, the hierarchy within the tortuous walls of NightWhere have always provided an unending amount of dark desires and depravities. With no boundaries, the Queen of NightWhere has been consumed by pain and cruelty and now her uncontrollable power is about to ravage humanity one subservient at a time.

John Everson returns with his sequel to NightWhere, entitled The Night Mother. Written as a stand alone, John brings back the blood and lust that made the first installment an “extreme” success…literally.

Bottom line…The Night Mother is a cesspool of cruelty, kink, and pain, so pull out the yellow caution tape because this full length novel does not hold back. I was totally lured in by Everson’s incredible storytelling abilities all the while being fed the lust and extreme perversions that would make Edward Lee blush.

The defilement of compassion used within this book is a testament that every line can be crossed at any time. This in return keeps the reader in check while Everson builds his dreamscape world of martyred flesh.
With pain comes pleasure but human flesh can only stretch so far, so choose your sexual partners carefully. If there is one extreme reading experience that I strongly recommend, this is it my fetish friends. A sadomasochist five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating from Horror Bookworm Reviews. The invitation has been offered. Will you accept?
Grab your copy here…
A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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