Feeder by Harrison Phillips

Jim has an erotic kind of fetish. He is a Fat Admirer, one that is sexually attracted to overweight women. Even with her insecurities, Mia is the perfect mate for Jim, they begin an amazing relationship that involves plenty of erotic behavior, gluttony and murder.

Author Harrison Phillips offers up his demented short story of ominous obesity entitled Feeder. Driven by the abuse of flesh, this little piece of unwholesome fiction is a “Happy Meal” size of unlawful murder, dismemberment and the ultimate sacrifice for love. No one should be treated like a slab of meat, unless of course there’s cannibalism involved.

Phillips gives new meaning to the word “gorging.” From carcass cringing moments to strange perspectives on how love can survive, Feeder leaves the reader with a full appetite of blood, sweat and semen.

Twisted and demented lessons are to be learned for all from within the pages of Feeder. Experiences to be gained are as follows: Bigger Is Better & Love Will Never Die. Enjoy this little tasty morbid morsel of the macabre my friends. I did.
“And in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you bake.” - The Horror Bookworm.
Grab your copy at Godless here…
A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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