Hub by Matt Shaw

In a remote location along the English countryside lies a mansion. Within this manor exists an established orphanage. An institution for the housing and caring of over one hundred young boys and girls ages four to twelve. Acting on a brochure, wealthy couple Hugh and Gloria have arrived to adopt a child of their very own. As parenthood commences so does the excessively unwholesome “Home Sweet Home” lifestyle.

Before paperwork is to be signed and forms processed, author Matt Shaw provides the reader with a tour of his ominous orphanage. From the forced classes on how to “satisfy” parents to the administering of extreme punishments. These hardcore regiments become the cornerstones to an envelope pushing novella entitled Hub. Within these twisted pages are thoughts and concepts molded from the mind of one incredibly creative person. It just so happens that person is Matt Shaw, Director and Headmaster.

I suppose good ole morbid curiosity played a big part into why I purchased this book. I wanted to see why the movie Cannibal Holocaust was banned in 50 countries. I wanted to see what vile and vulgar things musician G.G. Allin performed on stage. And I wanted to see how one of my favorite authors was capable of extending the limits of what is possible. I’ve witnessed the man exchange arm punches with Wrath James White for Christ’s sake. Matt Shaw has meat clackers of steel, no doubt.
Hub is written with a clenched fist and taps into gut twisting violent, sexual and mental abuse. Expect to carry around those “The Girl Next Door” vibes for a good while after reading this. A Horror Bookworm Recommendation for those brave enough to be part of the brutal adoption process. Warning: there are no refunds for the cruel depictions Shaw conjures up, these bleak images have a life time warranty.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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