High On Bigfoot by Armand Rosamilia

Buck and Aiden are close friends who have chose to spend all summer in the mountains making some cash. Along with sixteen others, the duo are located in the middle of nowhere working for an illegal marijuana operation. Under the iron fist of Gestapo Karl, members begin to disappear one by one and rumors of a big shadowy figure start to spread. Government conspiracies, rival crops, the Feds and a killer Bigfoot on the loose, with no where to run, Buck and Aiden have officially clawed and bitten off more than they can chew.

As an attempt to be one with nature, Author Armand Rosamilia invites the reader on a trip to the great outdoors. With a premise of concealed trails, cash crops and illegal weed, High On Bigfoot quickly becomes a gateway drug towards a more sinister kind. Expect multiple jump scares, creepy characters and enough “oh shit” moments to invest in a new pair of pants.

The urban legend of Bigfoot has been written about for years by many talented authors. Now Rosamilia has lumbered forward with his blood-shedding ape-like cryptid killing machine.

Watch!…as courageous workers and shady bosses become prey…Listen!…to distant horrifying midnight roars…Feel!…the discoveries of cold human bones…Smell!…the unforgettable stench of the ultimate wildlife creature.
With a nod to Hunter Shea, an absolute killer cover and a full on rampage of the extreme kind, believe me my friends when I say, you’re “ganja” have a good time with this one. A Horror Bookworm Recommendation.
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A Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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