Reincursion by Ryan Harding & Jason Taverner

Walled off cities and towns have become sanctioned territories known as Kill Zones. These regions are the home of a mysterious killer known as Agent Orange. Derived from a mythical legend, this bloodthirsty murderer dons camouflage attire, black military boots, gas mask and a wide assortment of weaponry. Currently, groups of people attempt to infiltrate these prohibited sites for reasons of profit, thrills and spiritual needs. Results span from fortunate survivors for some…and a death sentence for others.

Authors Ryan Harding & Jason Taverner once again team up to record further exploits of a nonemotional force of nature. Venturing into dangerous quarantined areas, this writing duo enables their readers to tag along with guides known as Stalkers and Prowlers. These Gauntlet runs are littered with devious traps, gruesome calling cards and repulsive trophies that are hideously displayed.

From the macabre minds of Harding & Taverner, an antagonist has been born from their wraithlike womb of immoral creativity. Utilizing machetes, pick axes and bear traps, the descriptive acts of savagery in this book morbidly convert into a plethora of gore stained pages. From ritualistic mutilations to silent screams, readers can expect familiar grisly pulp from both authors and publisher Death’s Head Press.
From the unstoppable intensity of Jason Voorhees to the psychotic evilness of Michael Myers to the disturbing temper of Leatherface, Reincursion bestows the qualities of every classic adversary rolled up into one literary force. The fear of being trapped and the relief of escape are two emotions you won’t be able to hide from while reading this novel.
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A 4 / 5 star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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