Snap! Crackle! Fuck You! by Simon Ore’ Molina

Something peculiar and shady is occurring in the kingdom of Cerealand. Populated with physically and genetically altered cereal mascots, this adult cereal themed amusement park is dedicated to breakfast nostalgia. Advancing from marshmallow sorter to full fledge mascot employee, Lucky the Leprechaun pledges his dedication to the community. However, fresh off milk duty Lucky stumbles upon evidence of wrong doing. His views of the kingdom begin to alter as clues to a hidden sinister agenda surface.

Simon Ore’ Molina puts a unique spin on known cereal images including the Krispie Triplets, Dig Em Frog and Sugar Bear. Crunchberry trees and fruity-pebble cobblestone streets decorate locales such as Lucky Charm Valley, the Honey Comb Hideout and of course the Sugar Alley Red Light District. Molina successfully contrives a cereal mush of blood, strange mascots and morbid experimentations all the while avoiding censorship from the Soggies Police.

Keeping within the Saturday Morning Cartoon memorabilia, profound adult storylines flow like discontinued Jolt soda. Deceit, betrayal and hilarious undercover schemes keep this magical story intact and wonderfully entertaining. Many noteworthy Eraserhead Press moments exist within the constellation of these cereal celebrities, and well worth the price of admission to enter this unusual theme park.
When sitting down to read Snap! Crackle! Fuck You! I suggest relaxing in that comfy chair with a flavorful mix drink, maybe a Bloody Crunchberry, or how about a pleasant tall glass of Cinnamon Toast Schnapps. Who’s your favorite cereal mascot and do you make them a part of a complete breakfast? You should silly reader, because this book isn’t for kids it’s for fans of the bizarro.
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A five star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Horror Bookworm Recommendation

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